A Well-Developed Plan from the Beginning

Ridgewood has evolved through the collective input of visionary developers, each bringing their talents and backgrounds to bear designing a unique community.

The original developer, Bob Blackburn, envisioned merging four beautiful pieces of land in Falmouth, some developable, some not, to form a 94-acre contiguous property that could consist of mixed-use conservation land and residential neighborhood.

Through creative negotiation, he worked with landowners and the Town of Falmouth to acquire the land and deeded 66 acres of habitat, including vernal ponds and deer wintering areas, to the Falmouth Land Trust. The remaining 28 acres were allocated for a clustered neighborhood concept amidst a natural sanctuary in one of southern Maine’s most desirable communities.

In developing the neighborhood’s concept, Bob visited a unique, nationally award-winning project in the midwest that consisted of a cluster of individual homes on land with shared-ownership status. A condominium structure offered the benefit of a fully maintained property; freestanding units offered privacy, independence, and choice. Residents that Blackburn interviewed said they were very happy and loved the courtyard design that encouraged social interaction in the front yard and provided privacy in the backyard.

Blackburn believed this model, especially surrounded by conservation land, would be a uniquely appealing offering in southern Maine. A landscape architect was commissioned to plan an attractive site that adhered to solid design principles and provided maximum privacy for residents.

This carefully thought-out, well-designed concept was years in the making. By the time the infrastructure was nearly built out and the project was ready for market in 2008, the economic downturn hit the northeast with full force, and Blackburn ran out of capital to complete the project.

Fresh Capital and Perspective

Recognizing great potential for the property and design concept, local businessmen Mike Payson and Jim Wescott purchased it. Both men grew up in Falmouth and are still residents. They know the neighborhood well and appreciate the site’s character and the project’s design, which appeal to their sense of lifelong stewardship for the area. Payson and Wescott had full confidence in the project’s potential — all it needed was enough capital to move it forward through and beyond the downturn.

Payson and Wescott have been business partners since 1992, and each have over 20 years experience in single-family and multi-family real-estate development and management.

Wescott, a contractor and developer for his entire career, is in charge of building and operations for the project.

Payson has a broad business background in real estate, publishing, and management consulting, and is responsible for the project’s business management. As founding publisher of Smart HomeOwner magazine, his interest in efficient, healthy, environmentally conscious development has strongly influenced the project.

With knowledge of innovative construction and technological advances, Wescott and Payson saw opportunities to enhance Blackburn’s original vision by responding to new market demands with eco-friendly features, options for smaller units, an exceptional combination of high quality and value, and a phased build-out to minimize construction disruption.

Ridgewood’s time has come, and your time is here.

Homeowners are expecting more from their homes than ever before, and Ridgewood’s slow, steady evolution — in part by necessity, in part by design — has given it time to take shape in ways that respond to a new real estate market.

The new economy has more people spending time at home, gathering in with friends and family, so we’ve paid attention to aesthetic design and floor plans that have inclusive as well as exclusive spaces.

High-quality construction materials and finish work are durable to provide long-term value, and low-maintenance features and property-care services free up homeowners to engage in life’s more enriching activities.

A package of standard green features and additional options help Ridgewood homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining and even improving quality of life.

Ridgewood’s vision is shaped by your vision. Its time has come, and your time is here.