Neighborly Interaction and Personal Privacy — Carefully Merged

Ridgewood’s layout was designed to encourage neighborly interaction while ensuring personal privacy. Homes are situated in “courtyards” with roughly 2 to 6 homes each. Adjacent front entryways allow neighbors to stay in touch, while the orientation of homes and landscaping features ensures backyard and indoor privacy. Courtyards are connected by walking paths and main drives to create an interconnected “village” of small neighborhoods. Stone walls, flowering ornamental trees, and large deciduous trees accent the landscape, providing shade and natural beauty.

Functional Aesthetics

Every aspect of the site plan promotes natural beauty and attractive contours. Ponds throughout the village add to the aesthetic, help to manage stormwater, and provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. Stone harvested onsite accents the landscape at intersections, garden seating areas, and other focal points.

Easy Nature-Trail Access

Every courtyard is only steps away from a nature trailhead leading into nearly 70 acres of conservation land enveloping Ridgewood. So, the sanctuary of your home extends well beyond its walls and windows.