Total Home Ownership

Ridgewood offers all of the independence of single-family home ownership with the freedom of condominium living.

At Ridgewood, you own your entire home, from the roof to the foundation, and from the exterior of the walls inward. Most conventional condominiums define individual property as being from the drywall in. Because you own your entire structure at Ridgewood, you get to benefit from taking good care of your home, and you don’t get penalized with special assessments if your neighbor’s property requires maintenance.

With this individual ownership model, shared fees are far lower than they are in most condominium communities. If your neighbor’s roof needs repair, they repair it and are responsible for the cost.

The association maintains the grounds and common areas — all included in your condominium fee. If you need maintenance or repairs to your home, from window washing windows to roof repair, the management company will arrange for proven, licensed tradespeople to complete the work. If you prefer, you can arrange for your own repairs, providing that your tradespeople conform to association requirements for licensing and insurance.

Tell us what you need done, and we’ll make it happen.

Low, Shared Fees

Association fees include grounds maintenance, road plowing and maintenance, shoveling and sanding all walkways, common insurance, common utilities, management, and capital reserves.

Freedom to Do What You Love

Tired of spending time mowing, raking, weeding, shoveling, and hacking away at ice? Take control of your free time at Ridgewood.

Common-area maintenance covers all upkeep, right up to your foundation, so you can spend your time as you like, reading a good book, entertaining guests, watching nature, golfing — whatever you like.

If you have a green thumb and love to work the soil, our structure allows for homeowners to allocate a personal yard area for self-maintained flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Your Time Is Here — Spend It the Way You Want

Download Ridgewood’s Condominium Documents

For information on Ridgewood’s condominium structure, download condominium documents

If you are interested in reserving a home at Ridgewood, please contact our Realtor Representatives. You may also download a sample Reservation Agreement (Word Document, 1 page, 49 KB).